At Ultra Pure Water, Inc. we strive to educate and inform so that everyone can get the best drinking water suited for them. Please check out our FAQ page to learn about pH,minerals, reverse osmosis, TDS and the definition of "purified" water.

We guarantee our water. If a bottle of Ultra Pure Water is not to your liking, we will replace it at no cost.

How we take Medford city water and turn it into Ultra Pure Water:
First, the water is run through 2 separate charcoal filters which remove organic compounds such as pesticides, chlorine, and some metals. These 2 filters are self-flushing, which means they are rinsed out - much like your coffee filter at home - every day.
Second, we use a water softener. "Softening" the water means removing calcium and magnesium by moving the water through a filter bed of beads that are coated with sodium ions. As the water passes through the bead filter the sodium ions literally switch places with the calcium and magnesium ions, and this filter is cleaned the same way as our charcoal filters.
Third, we put the water through reverse osmosis. Reverse osmosis removes 99.8% of all foreign material, including substances mentioned above and dead bacteria.
Finally, the water is put through an ozonator. Ozone is created by passing dry, clean air through a high voltage electric discharge which through chemical oxidation removes bacteria, iron, sulfur and manganese. By the time our water gets to the ozonator, none of these things should still be present, it's just our way of going the extra step so that we can tell you There’s only water in our water.


We love our Ultra Pure Water for so many reasons!! Taste & purity are very important to us. Ultra Pure Water is affordable & Nik always delivers it on-schedule & with a smile!  Before Ultra Pure we had signed up with another water-delivery company out of California, but Carey, who has a problem with psoriasis, found that something they use in the processing of their water caused a major eruption of this skin condition. We received a glowing recommendation from a local Health Food store to try Ultra Pure Water. We love the water, no adverse effects from it, and we've been drinking & cooking with it ever since!!  Since then, we've been approached by other water companies (including the one out of California) offering discounts, telling us that their water is better, more pure, trying to convince us that Ultra Pure is just "glorified city water", and we just smile & say "no thanks". We're happy and we're satisfied....   Thank-You Ultra Pure!!

Carey & Angie Gardner
Foto Essence

I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how much I appreciate your services. I consider myself to be somewhat of a water snob, so the taste of water is very important to me. I have been with your company for almost four years, and have always enjoyed the same great water every single time.  What sets your company apart from the rest, is your great service. Every other Thursday, Nik delivers my water, and takes the time to catch up.  Thank you for your great product and great service!

Teri Dungannon

Our family loves doing business with Ultra Pure Water.  They provide the high quality water we are looking for, very cost effective ($2 to fill your own 5 gallon container), BPA free containers are available to purchase.  Terrifically friendly owners.  I have met people from Ashland, Williams and Grants Pass that drive to get Ultra Pure Water in South Medford.  But don't misunderstand - they deliver too.  Grateful to have their high quality water so close to home.  Oh!  Find them on Facebook - they post pic's of different locations in Southern Oregon; if you guess where they are (post the address) you win a free 5 gallon container of water.  A well needed, wonderfully run, small business in Southern Oregon.

Valued Customer -Medford

Robert, my wife and I signed up to have you drop off a cooler and deliver two bottles a week. When I noticed that this was not going to be enough I started to wonder what was happening that was making us use so much water. It was then that I noticed my 3 and 9 year old grandkids seemed to always be going over to get a glass of Ultra Pure water from the cooler. I decided to test them. I got each of them a glass of water from the fridge and from the Ultra Pure bottle and asked them to tell me which one they liked best. After just one quick sip they both picked the Ultra Pure water. Thanks for providing me and my family with such great water and outstanding service.

Mike & Laurie Gallup
Gallup Insurance Solutions LLC

Today I had a vist from a sales rep for a bottled Spring Water company in California. When I answered the door he identified himself as the person above. I replied, "Thank you, but as you can see by the pallet I already receive water service." The sales rep said, "Are those Ultra Pure bottles?" I said yes, he said, "They're over there on Grape Street, they have the dirtiest pipes in Medford and they draw their water from those pipes, did you know that?" My reply was, "I will inquire about your accusations, but I do not appreciate your approach to get me to buy your water service." He said, "I could give you our water from a lot less than what you are already receiving."  I said, "No thanks, I not only think the water tastes good but I receive good customer service, better than what you have displayed here today."

Liz Bowman
OMEGA Publications & Distributors

The bottom line is taste. I've never understood people that buy gourmet beans and then ruint he coffee with bad tasting, mineral laden water. The white gunk that cakes to the inside of an espresso machine? If you use Ultra Pure water, you don't get that. Even better - you don't have it in your coffee.

- Arthur Jolly

Hi Robert, I just wanted to thank you for your great service and perfectly tasteless water. I wanted to let you know how your water has already helped my family out. As you know I live a ways out of town and as a result we have well water. The taste of the water was what led me to your services, but a secondary benefit became apparent last night when we lost power. In the past when we have lost power, we also loose both hot and cold running water. Last night when the power went out (from around 8pm to around midnight) we still had hot and cold water because of the dispenser we got with your water. We were all able to brush our teeth and my wife was able to wash her face with warm water. It was nice to see the added benefit and value your company provides.

Thanks again,
Country Financial

We love our Ultra Pure Water and the Ultra Pure Family. Super affordable and easy. Thirst quenching and truly "ultra pure" Reverse Osmosis Water as well as PVC free water containers. So thankful for this company and how they do business here in the Rogue Valley. They make excellent quality water available for all.

Valued Customer - Ashland

Ultra Pure Water has the best service hands down! I love the water and the Hot/Cold dispenser. Staff is always full of smiles when delivering and I really like the space saving storage rack. Don't settle for just water, get Ultra Pure Water!

- Valued Customer - Central Point

Robert and Ultra Pure are amazing. I use ultra pure in my office and at home. It was a life saver last year when our water pipes to the well froze and we were without water for 5 days. Robert kept us hydrated and healthy. I would rate Ultra Pure higher than 5 stars if I could!

- Valued Customer - Medford

We have been using Ultra Pure Water since 2012.  It's been a really good experience.  Great service, water and prices.  Thanks Ultra Pure!

- Brad - Medford, OR

To whom it may concern;

Thank you very much for your prompt & courteous business. Your service has been impeccable, and much appreciated.

But last month you took the cake. Your driver, Justin, showed up at our doorstep (on his day off), complete with a birthday wish and card, for my brother's birthday. Now, that's an unbeatable amount of class. Who else does that?

- Daniel Hermans

Ultra Pure water is more hydrating. I know that sounds crazy, water is water right? Not Ultra Pure. I can drink a glas of Ultra Pure and feel refreshed, hydrated, satisfied. A glass of other water and I'm choking it down, not enjoying it; forcing myself to finish it. Ultra Pure is easy to drink. I used to have so much trouble drinking 8 glasses of water a day. I'd drink 4 or 5 and think: "how does anybody manage this?" But with Ultra Pure, I don't struggle. I find myself drinking Ultra Pure wter because I like it, not because it's healthy (which it is). Ultra Pure has even helped me stop drinking soda. I feel like I've joined a cult. The cult of Ultra Pure water.

- Danielle Ozymandias

FAQ - About Ultra Pure

 Where does your water come from?

Our water source is Medford city water; once we have it on site the water is put through our multi-level purification process.

Do you remove chlorine and/or fluoride from your water?

Yes. Chlorine, fluoride and pesticides are removed by the 2 separate charcoal filters which start our purification process.

What is the ph of Ultra Pure Water?

The pH scale is a negative logarithm scale that represents the number of Hydrogen ions present.
Measuring the pH of very "pure" water is problematic at best. The measurement of water with a TDS of 5 or less e.g.; distilled and Ultra Pure Water easily confuses most testing equipment. That being said, using simple chemistry and math our water has to be 7 (i.e. neutral). However, clean or "pure" water exposed to the atmosphere will absorb carbon dioxide until equilibrium is reached. Carbon dioxide acidifies the water thus lowering the pH to around 6.8.
Our bodies contain a wide range of pH solutions. For example, stomach acid is a 1.6, saliva is 6.5 to 7.7, arterial blood is 7.4 [Structure and Function of the Body 13th edition, by Thibodeau & Patton]
We need to be more concerned with the interaction within our bodies and the by-product left behind by what we ingest. If I want my body to be more alkaline I can drink Apple cider vinegar which is very acidic (a pH of 3) thus causing my body to react and produce more alkalinity. This is an extra effort performed by my body that may or may not be beneficial depending on my unique set of circumstances.
Going to great lengths to change the pH of the water you drink only to send that water to your stomach which has a resting pH of 5 seems counter intuitive to me. What you want is a water that is easily assimilated by your body with as little effort as possible. Thus allowing your body to feel refreshed and hydrated, and not over worked.

Do you have bysphenol-A (BPA) free bottles?

After two years of searching we finally found a BPA-free bottle that can withstand our sanitizing procedure. The BPA-free bottles are less durable than the polycarbonate bottles, they break easier and are more reactive to sunlight and therefore do not last as long. Now while the FDA has assured us that you would have to eat 400 of my bottles to even come close to unsafe amounts of BPA; that is not to say that you'd have to drink the water from 400 bottles - you'd have to actually eat the bottles themselves. We offer the BPA-free bottles to address the concerns of our clients who are more susceptible to any and all toxins.

Are you “green”?

Ultra Pure Water, Inc. is committed to being as green as possible. We recycle 100% of our bottles after their life span of 3 to 5 years; we average less than 300 unusable bottles a year.

What is no-spill?

No-Spill is the easiest and most sanitary water dispensing system available. A stem in the dispenser pierces the cap of the bottle allowing the water to flow from the bottle into the dispenser while still allowing the bottle to be removed, upside down, without spilling. Changing a bottle is no longer a messy or difficult job, now anyone can do it!

Is your water good for long-term storage?

Purified water is the best water to use for long term storage. As long as the bottle itself is not compromised, because there is only water in our water it will store indefinitely in theory. Our water has been tested for 2-year storage – kept in a temperature controlled room with no exposure to sunlight.

What does signing your terms of service contract mean?

Our contracts are month-to-month, we don’t want you tied into a long-term contract with a service that doesn’t work for you. We do require that you only put Ultra Pure Water in Ultra Pure Water bottles and water dispensers. We also ask that to remain on delivery you use no less than 2 bottles per month.

How often do you deliver?

We deliver on a 2 or 4 week cycle dependent on location and water usage.

How will I receive my bill?

We do the billing on the last working day of each month. We can USPS mail your monthly invoice, but we prefer to email it – this saves paper, postage and time.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash and check are always welcome.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. We can take the payment over the phone or you can sign an authorization form so we can store your information with Square.

When is my bill due?

Payment of your monthly bill is due on the 15th of the month.

Do you charge delivery fees or fuel charges?

No. You are charged for the bottle by the bottle, and for the water dispenser monthly.

Should I expect a rate increase?

Absolutely not, we have a price-lock guarantee, so the price we quote you upon setup is the price you will pay for as long as you are a client.

How long have you been in business?

Jason Muir brought reverse osmosis to the Rogue Valley in 1995 and Ultra Pure became incorporated in 1997.

Where are you located?

Our office and fill-your-own or trade-out Water Stop is located on the South side of Medford off Barnett at 716 South Grape St.

What are your Water Stop hours?

The automated Water Stop is open 9am to 6pm Monday through Thursday. During the months of December, January, February and March we close at 5:30 because it’s dark and cold.

What if I have a problem when you’re not open?

The video section of our website, as well as our Facebook page, have helpful videos to troubleshoot over the weekend if your water dispenser is not working correctly. We are on call every Friday, except holidays, and will return voicemails as soon as we are back in the office.

What if I don’t need water, or I need extra bottles?

Our phone number is on every bottle so if you need to contact us you just have to be near your water. We strive to comply to your water delivery needs if given advance notice of any changes due to visiting family or vacation leave.