What is No-Spill?

No-Spill is the easiest and most sanitary water dispensing system available. 

A stem in the dispenser pierces the cap of the bottle allowing the water to flow from the bottle into the dispenser while still allowing the bottle to be removed, upside down, without spilling. 

Changing a bottle is no longer a messy or difficult job, now anyone can do it! 

Who is Ultra Pure? Check out our commercial!

Is your dispenser leaking?  See how to check and prevent leaks. .


​Need help with your water cooler? Watch our video about trouble shooting your water cooler or dispenser.


 5 gallon bottles are $6.50 each

 3 gallon bottles are $5.00 each

 BPA-free 5 gallon bottles are $9.00 each

 We do require that you use 2 bottles a month to remain on delivery


  5 gallon bottles are $4.00 each
  3 gallon bottles are $3.00 each

  BPA-free 5 gallon bottles are $8.50 each

  You, the customer, come to our location on Grape St and swap an  

  empty bottle for a sanitized full bottle of Ultra Pure Water.


  Bring and fill your own containers. Rate is .40 cents per gallon

  Monday thru Thursday, the automated system is available 9am-6pm

  If you require assistance it is best to call ahead 541-734-0828.

  Water Dispensers

  Prices are available with monthly water service

  $10.00 per month- Hot & Cold Water Cooler

  $8.00 per month- Room  temp and Cold Water Cooler